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Southeastern Telecommunications is please to announce the introduction of a new software feature for the SEA TO SEA TELECOMPUTER.


With the push of a telephone button, emergency notification can be activated using email text and playing prerecorded messages alerting of an emergency with the location. Classrooms, dormitories and athletic facilities can have simple and instant notification playing custom audio files, each telephone will have a unique audio and text message with location or what ever message desired. Time of day, day of week programming provides the flexibility to meet most schedules.
  • Audio notification to telephones, cell phones and/or emergency (911).

  • Text messages to email or cell phones.

  • All notification records have a unique security code programmed into the activation code.

  • Telecomputer programming can determines how many of the systems ports are used for emergency notification delivery.

  • Emergency notifications are programmable by time of day, and are prioritized.

  • Email messages are first sent in an email blast in the first few seconds followed by audio notifications.

  • Works in conjunction with the programmable button on telephones.

  • Activation requires the push of a programmable button available on most telephone systems.

Emergency Notification is a software modification to the Sea To Sea Wavmail Telecomputer, adding to the Voice Mail and Home Work Hot Line features of this versatile resource minimizing the investment in the system. Installation of the new feature does not require any down time other than to restart the Telecomputer. Programming requires one notification box for each telephone equipped with an emergency notification button. There is no limit to the number of notification boxes or notifications. Each entry has it's own audio message and text message. Every box has a unique address and security code that when dialed activates the emergency notification.

Planning the programming determines the order of the audio notifications. When used in a school environment every classroom will have a telephone with an activation button. The first calls may go to security, administration, police/fire and the classroom next door (for lockdown). The order of the calls is programmed.

This feature can be used for medical emergencies, personnel disruption, fire or other emergencies as they arise. When included in emergency drills administrators are prepared to react to assure the protection of the people in their care.

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