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Southeastern Telecom specializes in voice and data communications equipment. Whether it’s telephones, cameras, data cable, speakers or microwave antennas we use talented, experienced technicians, proven installation methods and materials and world class support from our partners. STI’s expertise provides a positive experience guiding you through your new business investment.

Southeastern Telecommunications, Inc. (STI) was organized in 1989 in West Bridgewater Mass. STI’s goal was and is to sell and service low voltage technology such as telephone and voicemail systems, data cabling, paging/alerting systems and IP cameras.

The Girard family merged their existing telecommunications company into Southeastern Telecom in 1994. The goal of STI remained the same, providing exceptional customer service with a focus on Panasonic telephone and voicemail systems, introducing fiber optic cabling to the data cabling product, Valcom equipment to the paging offering.

Southeastern Telecom marketed the Panasonic telephone and voicemail system with a staff of certified technicians. When Panasonic introduced the VoIP version STI was successful implementing multi location systems running on a single Panasonic system and with tying multiple systems together for a voice network using VoIP.

Recognizing the potential of VoIP, and especially SIP technology, STI reviewed and tested several SIP systems and chose the Nimbus SIP platform. The Nimbus provides a range of systems from 40 to over 1,000 extensions. World class support was a major influence in selecting the Nimbus product. The Nimbus design gives clients a full featured system with option apps that meets the needs of all of today’s businesses.

In 1998 STI became a contractor for a nationwide microwave communications company using microwave to deliver Internet. STI installed microwave dishes on rooftops, sides of buildings and towers throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Paul Girard is president and sales engineer. With experience going back to central office systems, Paul had engaged in telecommunications from the analog era through IP technology. Paul is certified on Toshiba and Panasonic analog, digital and VoIP systems and the Nimbus VoIP platform. Paul has a unique knowledge of telephone system interfaces.

Dennis Girard is executive vice president. Dennis started cabling offices while still in high school and has become a senior cable architect for data and fiber cables, in and outdoor runs. Dennis is a premier certified technician on the Panasonic analog, digital and VoIP systems and the Nimbus SIP based VoIP telephone equipment.

Our technicians are a seasoned and experienced team. Their many years of communications equipment installation and service has produced a “We can do it” attitude taking on the simplest to the most difficult and challenging projects.

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