Voice & Data Cabling

Southeastern Telecommunications, Inc. (STI) cable department provides complete cabling services whether it’s 1 cable or 1,000 cables, indoor or outdoor, category 3, 5/5e, 6 or higher, fiber, low voltage paging or IP cameras.

Our services include:

  • Starting with the design and determining your needs
  • Using existing access for routing cables
  • Coordinating with you, local officials, building management, and office personnel
  • Selecting the right equipment to make ongoing use easy
  • Installing using proven methods, materials, and tools
  • Compliance with local, state and national codes
  • Test, label, and document everything installed by STI
  • Total clean-up
  • Courteous, professional, and friendly STI technicians

Our completed projects provide a network infrastructure that is easy to use and built to endure a lot of use.

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